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Renowned Thyroid Specialist & Weight Loss Expert

I fix your thyroid.
I fix your hormones.
I fix your life.

End the fatigue, brain fog, weight gain, and hair loss from thyroid disease. Here are the tools you need to get your life back. 

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  • Dr. Amie is the real deal!

    I've struggled for YEARS with Hashimoto's and pre-diabetes, and she has helped me so much to reverse the effects of these issues. She is so generous with her extensive knowledge AND she has a big heart!!! I wish I had hired her 10 years ago!
    Kristin, S., Age 38
  • I have more energy. I lost weight, and I feel great!

    I have been dealing with Hashimoto's for 5 years and finally finding Dr. Amie to help me get to the point of having energy, weight loss, and an overall well-being has been a godsend. I would encourage anyone struggling with Hashi to reach out to Dr. Amie and let her help you get on the right track.
    Rachel, S., Age 52
  • Lost weight, less body aches, better sleep, and more energy

    After I started working with Dr. Amie, my total overall health improved. From losing weight, less body aches, to better sleep, and more energy, Dr. Amie was right by my side. So thankful for Amie taking the time to dive into all the root causes to the problems with my health and then develop a plan to help me lose weight and feel better.
    Ella, S., Age 541

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